Gallus France aims to highlight French know-how and its accomplishments via exceptional, elegant and remarkable objects of beauty which are both exclusive and original.

The principals of Gallus France are based primarily on sharing and on vision, at times inspirational and demanding on crafted products of French art. Three long years of meetings, as well as, research and development were needed throughout France to affirm our signature rich in meaning: “Origins of Excellence”.

Gallus France expresses its desire to satisfy all the demands of exceptional handmade crafts, to explore the technical limits of working with different materials and manufacturing processes. Our philosophy is born from a strong engagement close to initiatory experience: « Highlight the beauty of French know-how to allow it to shine. »

Our creations need no introduction, they are highly valued products and wholly French that are made to the very highest standards dedicated to excellence. It’s a union between beauty and authenticity.


An object of beauty and excellence born in France. Lovingly designed and created from the know-how and knowledge of skilled French craftsmen.

The Gallus, made entirely by hand from a unique design has been developed over several years with the best craftsmen and the finest materials in the trade. Brought to life after extensive trials and research, today it embodies all that is noble and pure from the trinity of handmade craftsmanship; earthenware, porcelain and glass blowing.

Gallus, as an Ambassador symbolizes France for its way of life and its creative arts that give pleasure to people every day. We are attached to the identity and the aura of France, known all over the world for its heritage crafts and for its sense of the aesthetic.

We proudly uphold and champion this uncompromising commitment to quality, precision and excellence.